About Hemp Bedding

One of the earliest cultivated plants, Hemp has long been prized for its durable yet soft fibre, even being discovered in some of our oldest artefacts. However, after the Industrial revolution commercialised cotton, Hemp fell out of favour. From medicine to skincare to textiles, Hemp is making a comeback as we rediscover the incredible value and versatility this plant can have for our people and the planet alike.

Hemp has eco-cred

Derived from the Cannabis Sativa plant, Hemp is one of the most eco-friendly textiles to grow. This highly renewable plant is fast growing and takes as little as 100 days to grow and can be harvested up to three times per year.⁣⁣ Compared to other fibres, Hemp requires very little water to grow and doesn’t need any pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilisers. This incredible plant even has the ability to rehabilitate and enrich the soil, restoring pH levels and combating erosion.⁣⁣ Hemp’s deep penetrating root system also detoxifies the soil by removing harmful chemicals and pollutants. Said to be the fifth best crop for fostering biodiversity, ecologists and environmentalists alike sing its praises. Many have referred to Hemp as a Carbon Warrior as the plant is unmatched in its ability to absorb and store carbon dioxide (CO2) from our atmosphere.


Hemp is 100% biodegradable and compostable. So at the end of its life, you can be rest assured that the hemp bedding you’ve been enjoying will compost down into the earth with no adverse environmental effects.

Whatever The Weather

Cool in summer and warm in winter, Hemp bedding is praised for its breathability, insulation properties and antibacterial properties. This naturally thermoregulating textile is resistant to mould and mildew - these hypoallergenic qualities make hemp great for sensitive skin and allergies.

Hemp bedding is available in different weights, the most common choice being between 160GSM (grams per square metre) and 220GSM. A higher GSM simply means a denser fabric weave and thus a heavier feel. Ours is 175gsm.


Hemp gets better with age. Hemp bedding doesn’t break down over time but instead gets softer with every wash. The naturally long, thin and hollow fibres are not only what make Hemp one of the world’s strongest textiles, but it also happens to give the fabric its beauty and integrity.

One last thing…

This is one of those ‘don’t try this at home’, cautionary warnings. For those of you who are curious - no, you cannot get high off of your hemp bedding. Hemp does not contain the levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) that marijuana does, this being the key ingredient that gets you high.

Industrial Hemp is soft on your skin and our planet - as you can see, there are endless reasons why this fabric is quickly becoming the latest and greatest eco-hero.