Our Story

About Thoughtful Co

Our definition of thoughtful is to show care and consideration in all that we do. It is not a destination; it is something applied to every step of the journey.

How are we thoughtful?

We have chosen Hemp as our foundation textile to allow other thoughtful people to sleep easy, knowing that their luxury bedding has been crafted consciously using less water and sustainable growing practices.

Our products are designed with intention, created thoughtfully and meet Europe's SMETA’S ethical trade standards. Our Hemp bedding is produced in an Oeko-Tex certified factory, however, our Hemp is not organic or Oeko-Tex yet - we are working on finding a producer as we speak.

At ThoughtfulCo, we understand that the road to sustainability is a long one and there is always room for improvement. We are constantly working to innovate and refine our environmental and ethical processes and will keep this page updated so that you may follow our journey.



We love to collaborate with other talented people, celebrating ideas, concepts and creativity wherever we can.

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About the creator

Thoughtfulco was created by Jessie who is always looking to create beautiful spaces and imagery. The powers of hemp and its multi use plus the environmental benefits of it have always been something she has been drawn to. With Thoughtfulco, she aims to shake off any old stigma that hemp cannot be luxurious and just as special as other popular textiles out there.

Jessie works and lives on Dharawal land on the NSW South Coast with her family. 

Keep up to date with www.thoughtfulco.com.au for more exciting pieces to come!